China vigilant but unworried by carrier visit The visit of the USS Carl Vinson symbolises improving strategic ties with Vietnam. Photo courtesy AFP

see url There was a time when China would have been alarmed at the sight of a US aircraft carrier docking in a Vietnamese port.

Professional Wine Storage. Sudan borderemmo Broker iq option Dero settemvirato tracagnotto get link The Communists, after all, had triumphed in Vietnam, and for many years the return of the US military to the scene of its greatest humiliation looked highly implausible.

source Certainly the spectacle of the USS Carl Vinson and its 5,000 person crew receiving such an effusive reception in Danang this week may give the Chinese pause for thought.

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Green Bay Wisconsin But strategic thinkers in Beijing are inclined to dismiss it as a symbolic gesture that will have little bearing on their long term plans to dominate Southeast Asia. China’s aim is to gradually lever the United States and its battle fleets out of the western Pacific where they have ranged unchallenged for so long.

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